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The Gem of The Halcyon Sea

Anyone who stepped into the school on the fine morning of 8th July 2022 could feel the palpable sense of excitement and euphoria in the air. The same day had the same meaning for the NCS family for the last two years but the feelings were different. Unlike the preceding years, the school raising day held a greater importance to NCS Kochi this year since we couldn’t celebrate it in the wake of the pandemic. Our school marked the 36th raising day, adding another glorious year of achievements and endeavors to ameliorate the school’s history with great splendor.

The early hours of the day were filled with the buzz of expectancy and purposeful bustling.The senior students enthusiastically helped out and participated in prepping the multipurpose hall for the celebration. The hall was embellished with balloons of white, blue, red, and exquisite paper cut flowers and leaves. The event was  inaugurated  with the  MCs cordially welcoming the excited gathering. 

No birthday can truly begin without the blowing of candles. The principal, vice principals and the headmistress together blew the candles and wished for a blissful future for our school while the school choir sang the birthday song.

We were then given an insight into the  milestones achieved during the school’s distinctive odyssey. This was chaperoned by the performance of our tiny tots who creatively portrayed our school as a princess eagerly waiting for her birthday present. 

With students coming from all corners of the country, NCSK is nothing but a mini india.Thus, we are one big family upholding the unity that binds us.This spirit of fraternity could not be expressed in a better way than by showcasing the cultural diversity of the school.This was done by the talented dancers of our school who  left us in awe with their graceful moves and glitzy attire. 

As the curtains fell, we had our sagacious principal Mrs Nellie Paul Verghese reminiscing over the radiance of our school.

If asked to describe our school in a nutshell one would say:

A cradle for innovation,

An incubator for creative brains,

And a playground for the pioneers of tomorrow

That encapsulates NCS Kochi.


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